Mini Corner Ruler for 1:24,000

Note: Product edges and interior cutouts are shown with a thin red line. Neither the red lines, colored background, nor map image are printed on the actual tool. (more info)

Product Description

These are our smallest UTM tools! Each Mini Corner has just one scale printed on it. The bottom edge is placed on the bottom of the map grid, making it easy to align the tool parallel to the grid lines.

Each tool has a hole to thread it onto a lanyard.

When we reprinted this tool we added a triangle of white ink under the numbers. This makes the numbers easier to read and also makes it easier to see the tool on your map.

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Mini Corner Ruler for 1:24,000
Part Id: Mini24, Made in United States, UPC: 824249150209
1 - 9
10 - 24
25 - 99


  • 1:24,000 x 1km
Height: 2.000 in. (51mm)
Width: 2.000 in. (51mm)
Thickness: 0.030 in. (1mm)
Made in United States.

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How to use products like this...

Using a mini corner style tool to plot/measure a UTM position with 10m precision

Map with UTM position

Here is information on using the Universal Transverse Mercator coordinates (UTM).

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Here is information on using the Military Grid Reference System (MGRS).