A Note About Our Product Images

Most of our tools are printed on either clear or white plastic. Some have interior holes, slots, and other shapes cut out. To show these features our product images I use both maps and solid colors as backgrounds. To show the product edges and interior cutouts I show a thin red line around them. Otherwise they would be invisible on the clear portions of the tools. The red borders and the background maps and colors are not printed on the actual tools.

Product Image

Our product images do not display the tools at scale. Nor is the background map image displayed at scale. The background map may not be the correct scale or type to match the tool. Thus product images from our web site should not be used for navigation. The products shipped to you are of course, printed to scale and are intended to be used for navigation.

I've tried a lot of different ways to show images of our products over the years. Each and every approach I've tried, seems to leave someone with the wrong idea. Thus all these words to be as clear as I can about what the images show versus what you should expect from the actual product.