Custom Made Tools

Custom Map Rulers

Build your own customized ruler for any map scale.

You can create a map ruler for any map scale you may encounter. The four long edges of the ruler will have scales for measuring:

  • Latitude in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, or Degrees and Decimal Minutes, or Decimal Degrees
  • Longitude for a specified latitude. No more need to use the latitude scale at an angle!
  • Miles statute or nautical, and divided into decimal or fractional subdivisions.
  • Kilometers

The rulers we print and send you will be somewhat different than our stock rulers.

  • It will be printed on a 10 mil polyester stock. Waterproof, weatherproof, and tear proof, but a bit thinner than our stock rulers.
  • It will be an inch and a half wide instead of one inch. This makes room for you to add a personalized label on each side.

Coming next (hopefully soon)

I'm working to make the customized Map Rulers even more customizable. You'll be able to make rulers with multiple map scales on a single ruler, and I'll add a few more units to measure in, probably feet, yards, chains, and paces. Shortly after that is working, I'm hopefule to be able to make slope measuring tools for scales and contour intervals of your choosing.

Still in the planning stages

Is a "corner of the page" style measuring tool some what similar to our Mini Corner Tools. These should allow you to measure UTM, MGRS, USNG, or any other square metric coordinate grid for a map scale of your choosing.

Custom Tool on clear plastic stock

Currently we do not have the capability to print on clear plastic stock in house. Our clear plastic tools get printed on large lithographic presses with specialized inks. We typically have jobs printed on large sheets with many tools on them. The minimum cost effective press runs at 1000 of these large sheets.

If you need 1000 or more custom tools, we cn work with you to get it done.

If you just need a few custom tools on clear plastic, wo do not currently have the ability to do that.

I do have my eye on some printing equipment that would allow us to print even a single tool at a reasonable cost. Alas it's a $50k machine, and I'm having trouble making a good business case to buy it.