Custom Map Rulers

I'm excited to announce our new page for designing custom map rulers. This is something that I've been working towards for a couple of years now. I've written the code to both draw the rulers and to allow you to design your customized ruler. I've also modified our shopping cart so that it's able to track orders for custom tools.

On this page you can create a map ruler for any map scale you may encounter. The four long edges of the ruler will have scales for measuring:

  • Latitude in Degrees, Minutes and Seconds, or Degrees and Decimal Minutes, or Decimal Degrees
  • Longitude for a specified latitude. No more need to use the latitude scale at an angle!
  • Miles statute or nautical, and divided into decimal or fractional subdivisions.
  • Kilometers

The rulers we print and send you will be somewhat different than our stock rulers.

  • It will be printed on a 10 mil polyester stock. Waterproof, weatherproof, and tear proof, but a bit thinner than our stock rulers.
  • It will be an inch and a half wide instead of one inch. This makes room for you to add a personalized label on each side.

In the future, I'm working on a page that will allow you to create even more customized rulers. You'll be able to choose from 17 different measurement scales on each of the four long edges. You'll be able to combine multiple scales on a single ruler.

Ruler Preview

Map Scale


Front Side

Miles Scale

Kilometers Scale

Back Side

in degrees, minutes, and seconds

Latitude Scale

No additional options

Longitude Scale

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Custom Map Ruler
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There is currently no quantity discount for multiple rulers.

These custom rulers are a new thing for us. As we get some experience making them, and a chance to fine tune the programming behind them, I expect that we will be able to offer quantity discounts that apply across all of the different custom rulers in an order. This will allow you to create your own customized set of rulers at a discounted price. Or for those of you that are instructors, you'll be able to purchase rulers for your classes at a discount.