UTM Coordinates

Downloadable materials

Locating the Grids Reference Sheet

Our Locating the Grids reference sheet shows you how to locate the various coordinate grids on a USGS 1:24,000 scale 7.5 minute topographic map.

You can also learn to use UTM / MGRS coordinates with the "UTM Booklet"

The booklet contains everything you need to know to use UTM with your maps and GPS.

Why should I buy a booklet, when the information is right here online?

  • The booklet contains more details than the online tutorials.
  • The graphics are much sharper on the printed page than on the web pages.
  • The booklet is portable. Toss it in your day pack. Read it outside on a nice day, or crawl under the covers on a rainy day.
  • The booklet comes with a 1:24,000 Pocket Grid Reader that you can use with the practice map in the booklet, or with your USGS topo maps in the field.

Here's what some other folks have to say about the "UTM Booklet"...

"Thanks you for the helpful UTM information. I just got my first GPS unit and your clear instructions really helped me understand how the grid system works."
C. Oakford

"...I bought a Garmin and was mystified at using UTM coordinates. Your book and tools have made the issues crystal clear to me. Thanks!"
S. S.

Plotting UTM Coordinates with a Grid Tool