Using bearings to locate a distant target

Once again we know our location on the lake shore

Now that we have determined our location on the map. We can proceed to locate the cave entrance we can see across the lake. Using our compass we sight a bearing to the cave and get a result of 96°M or 101°G.

Once again we know our location on the lake shore

Note that this time we are sighting from a known point to an unknown point. Thus we will plot a forward bearing, starting at the known point on the map.

The cave entrance is located. But we do not yet have the extra information to alert us to any errors we may have made. We could increase out confidence by re-sighting and re-plotting the bearing to the cave. Or with more effort on our part, we could move to another location on the lake shore, take bearings to locate our new position on the map, and sight a second bearing to the cave.

When you are attempting to locate an unknown point, it is best if you can take sightings from locations that are easily identified on your map.