Tally Counter for counting paces

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Back in the days when I was helping with NASAR SAR Tech-II testing, we found that the navigation portion of the test gave folks the most trouble. We discovered that equipping the subject with two items dramatically increased their likelihood of passing. The first item was a Brunton 54LU sighting compass, which makes taking an accurate bearing a “no brainer”. The second item was to provide them with a Tally Counter to count their paces with. Wallah, no more forgotten or miscounted pacing distances.

This Tally Counter offers a four-figure register and a finger ring to hold it comfortably. Nickel-plated and precision engineered. Displays white numbers on black background.

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Tally Counter for counting paces
Part Id: TCounter, Made in China, UPC: 874778004016
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Height: 2 in. (51mm)
Width: 2 in. (51mm)
Thickness: 1.6 in. (41mm)
Made in China.