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Tools and instructions for getting your grid lines right the first time.

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Stainless steel rulers

The cork back, on the underside of the ruler, prevents ink smears and bleeds as you are working. The 24" ruler will work with USGS 7.5 minute, 1:24,000 scale and 15 minute 1:62,500 scale maps. 1:100,000 scale maps, and most Forest Service Maps require the 36" ruler.


The marking pens are high quality technical drafting pens that draw 0.25mm black lines. The pigment ink is waterproof, fade proof, chemical resistant and perfect for archival applications. The water based ink formula is quick drying, odorless, and nontoxic. Conforms to ASTM D 4236. Note: Although the ink is permanent once dry, it is water based and will not work well on maps that have a water repellent coating applied, or that are printed on water repellent paper. For these situations you will need a solvent based ink. I’ve had success using an “ultra fine” Sanford Sharpie® permanent marker. Make a test mark off in the margin, just to be sure.


The 3rd edition of "Using your GPS with UTM Coordinates" now covers the basics of drawing grid lines on a topographic map. It also covers the more difficult situations of adding a UTM grid to a map that is only marked with lat/lon coordinates and how to go about gridding a map that doesn't have any coordinate system markings.

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