Map Tacks & Map Flags

The traditional method of marking locations on a display map.

Moore Push-Pin brand map flags and map tacks are the highest quality available. Moore has been making push pins and map tacks in the USA since 1900.

Medium Round Head Map Tacks, 1/8" Head, 5/16" Point Package of 50 in assorted colors.

MapTacks Product Image Map Tacks Product Image

Pennant Series Map Flags, 1" x 5/8" Flag, 1 - 1/8" Point Package of 15 in assorted colors.

MapFlags Product Image MapFlags Product Image

Item description Price Quantity
Map Flags, pkg of 15, assorted colors
Part Id: MapFlags, Made in United States, UPC: 072228036000
Map Tacks, pkg of 50, assorted colors
Part Id: MapTacks, Made in United States, UPC: 072228031005