Our Bulk Packaging Policy

Most of our pocket sized tools ship with just the tool in a small zip top bag. Order several pocket sized tools and they will likely all come in a single zip top bag. The goal being for you to get a single small bag to store your tools in. Our larger tools come stuck to a card with a description of the tool. With some of them the card is a folded piece with a small practice map inside. Our map rulers come in a vinyl pouch with an instruction sheet. When your order several different ruler scales, they will most likely be combined into a single pouch. Again the goal being for you to have a pouch to keep your rulers in. If it is obvious that you are ordering several sets of the same tools, I'll try to send enough bags and pouches to hold each set.

Most of our customers that order larger quantities of our tools, don't want anything but the tool. Typically when shipping quantities over the first price break quantity, I ship just the tools, with no packaging.

I think these policies work for most folks. But if you have different needs with regards to how things get packaged, you should contact me to see if I can accommodate your needs.