Reference Card - Declination & Compass Rose

Note: Product edges and interior cutouts are shown with a thin red line. Neither the red lines, colored background, nor map image are printed on the actual tool. (more info)

Product Description

  • 360° Protractor / Compass Rose
  • Cardinal Compass Points
  • 24 Hour Clock Face
  • Sample declination diagrams for both east and west declination
  • North definitions
  • Formulas for converting between Grid or True North and Magnetic North
  • Using Grid and True North on a map
  • Declination changes over time

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Reference Card - Declination & Compass Rose
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Reference Card - Declination & Compass Rose 25 pack
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Height: 2.750 in. (70mm)
Width: 2.750 in. (70mm)
Thickness: 0.020 in. (1mm)
Made in USA.