Coordinate Plotting Tools

MapTools is the world's leading manufacturer of coordinate plotting tools. Our products are in daily use by many federal, state, and local land management agencies, along with military, law enforcement, and search and rescue teams around the world.

Recently we have been getting more inquiries about using our tools with USNG (United States National Grid) Coordinates. All of our tools that measure UTM coordinates, will also measure USNG. The USNG grid system is built on top of the UTM coordinate system. They will also work with the Military Grid Reference System, which is very similar to USNG. Learn more about USNG with our USNG Tutorial.

MapTools produces grids, corner rulers, roamers, and rulers to assist with plotting or measuring positions on many different map scales. Tools for both UTM/MGRS/USNG and Latitude/Longitude coordinates are available.

If you are already an experienced map and GPS user, you have come to the right place to get professional quality plotting tools. You'll want to jump directly to the pages describing the tools.

UTM/MGRS/USNG Tools & Lat/Lon Tools

UTMGrid24 Product Image PocketSlots Product Image GTA Product Image

Ruler24 Product Image


If you are a new map coordinate or GPS user, you will want to visit the tutorial pages for an introduction to geographic coordinate systems. Or check out my book, "Using UTM Coordinates with your GPS"

Mapping & Navigation Accessories

In addition to the coordinate plotting tools designed by MapTools, I sell other useful products that I personally use and find to be useful additions to my navigation and mapping tool kits.

I also teach a Wilderness Navigation Class at West Valley College for the Parks Management Department. If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area this is a great way to learn or improve on your navigation skills.