I wanted to welcome you as a student in the West Valley College, Parks Management Dept., Wilderness Navigation Class. As the instructor it is my goal to make this class worth the time, effort, and money you have and will be putting into the class. I am expecting the class to be informative, fun, and useful.

The class is often full. If by chance you have decided not to take the class, please log in to the web advisor system and drop the class as soon as possible, in order to make room for others.

Where & When:

Our first class meeting will be on Friday evening, April 7th at 6pm. The class will meet in Cilker 116.

Spring 2017

Class meets Fri/Sat/Sun over two weekends: April 7-9 and April 21-23 (does not meet the weekend in between). Begin/end times are: Fridays from 6-9:15pm, Saturdays and Sundays from 8am-5:40pm.

Here are some links to some online campus maps.



In case you have trouble locating the classroom, my cell phone number is 650.867.0170.

The Textbook:

I wanted to make sure you all know about the textbook for the class.

Wilderness Navigation; Finding Your Way Using Map, Compass, Altimeter & GPS

2nd edition. Burns & Burns. The Mountaineers. 2004. ISBN 0-89886-953-6

Don't panic. It not an expensive book, and you don't need to have it for the first weekend.

I do want you to read it, and then do the problems in the back of the book, prior to our second weekend of class.

The campus bookstore may have the book. REI sometimes does, I'd call first. Same with other major bookstores in the area.

Here is a link to the book on Amazon

The other book...

Mountain and Moorland Navigation: A Practical Manual: Essential Knowledge for Finding Your Way on Land, Kevin Walker - Amazon

This would be my first choice for the textbook for this class, except it's too expensive and too hard to get. No don't rush out and order it right away. I'll reference lot's of books as "Good Reads" throughout the class. So let some of this class soak in and then you run out and "book up" on the topic.

What to Bring to Class:

We will be working outside around the campus for about one third of the class. Please bring appropriate clothing and footwear to work outdoors in whatever the weather may be. Some of the exercises will take you "off trail" where there may be brush, grass, stickers, or even mud!

If you already own the following equipment please bring it.

If you do not already own some of this stuff, don't rush out and buy it now. I've got lots of loaner equipment you can use. Then, if you choose to purchase your own, you can make a well informed choice.

Most campus services, including food service, will be closed when our class meets. Thus you may want to bring your own lunch. There are stores and fast food places within a 5 minute drive. There is also an excellent farmers market on Saturday morning.

Please email if you have additional questions. Otherwise I'll see you in class.

John Carnes