Lecture Slides

Spring 2014 Slides
WildernessNav-1.pdf First Weekend
WildernessNav-2.pdf Second Weekend


Map Ruler Instruction Sheet (pdf 540kb)

Lat/Lon Practice Map (pdf 1.4mb)

UTM Practice Map (pdf 2.7mb)

Open Space Map (pdf 306kb)

USGS Topographic Map Symbols (pdf 1.4mb)

Navigating to Known Coordinates (MSWord doc 44kb)

Campus Aerial Photo (11x17 pdf 3.4mb)

Map Math Instruction Sheet (pdf 196kb)

Map Scale Exercise (pdf 508kb)

Other interesting stuff

Google Earth: the black helicopters have landed

David Rumsey Historical Map Collection


Coordinate Conversion at Jeeep.com

Google Earth Software

MapRulers and Grids at MapTools.com

Geographic Names Information System

MyTopo.com - an online printer of customized topo maps

GPS Babel - Software for transfering data to/from GPSrs

TopoMap Sotware Vendors

Books on the history of Mapping and Surveying

Longitude, Dava Sobel

The Riddle of the Compass, Amird Aczel

The Great Arc, John Keay